Radical Simplicity

The CrossRoads Approach

  • Simplicity + Progress
    Tools that help surgeons operate more accurately and efficiently
  • Simplicity + Compassion
    Procedures that help patients heal more quickly and completely
  • Simplicity + Sustainability
    Instrument recovery that helps institutions reduce cost and waste

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to undergo surgery. In the real world, however, where injury, illness and age take a toll on our bodies, surgery is often the only way to get people back on their feet and back to their lives. At CrossRoads Extremity Systems, our mission is to improve the experience by simplifying it.

Located in Memphis, TN, we engineer next-generation foot and ankle implant systems designed to perform better and last longer. Utilizing clinically advanced technology and materials, like high-compression nitinol, our surgical products shorten operating and recovery times, and our specialized instrument recovery program, EcoSMART, is as green as the money it saves our stakeholders.

We can’t make the world perfect, but we can make it less complicated. That’s the CrossRoads approach.

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