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Total Money Saved Through EcoSMART® Service


Instruments Recovered


The Ecosmart Process
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EcoSMART® instruments used in surgery
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Instruments are dropped into EcoPAK container after surgery
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EcoPak containers are shipped back to CrossRoads®
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Instruments are cleaned, inspected, and refurbished to new condition. At this stage, we inventory all of the instruments you send back and cut you a rebate check per the EcoSMART® price list
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New kits are packaged and gamma sterilized - Validated to Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6

Hear from a surgeon on how EcoSMART® helps his facility

Reduce Waste

Go Green

Instead of using disposable plastic instruments once and discarding them in the trash, CrossRoads® instruments are recovered through our EcoSMART® service thereby helping your hospital cut medical waste.

And surgeons appreciate the smooth action and solid “feel” of the surgical grade stainless steel and aluminum instruments provided in our sterile kits.

Save Money

Eliminate Sterilization and Handling

We purchase your used CrossRoads® instruments after surgery and this drives down your operating cost.

As bundled payments become a reality, the EcoSMART® Instrument Recovery Service helps your facility save money.

Provide Value

Save Time and Money

The EcoSMART® Service combines the sterile assurance of gamma processing with the smooth feel of premium, high value, instruments.

Sterile kit packaging provides high quality, surgical grade instruments and implants making your O.R. more efficient.

No hassles or expense from cleaning, storing, sterilizing, and maintaining typical reusable instrument trays. Back-to-back cases become easier. Instruments are in top condition with no missing parts.

Ready to get started?

Be sure to contact your local CrossRoads Sales Representative, or contact us directly at 901-221-8406 for more information on how the EcoSMART® Service can benefit your hospital.

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