dynaBunion 4D

dynaBunion® is 4D Dy-Na-Mite!

The dynaBunion® Lapidus system gives surgeons the instruments and implants to correct bunions in 4 dimensions (4D) through a minimal-incision. A traditional Lapidus surgery requires surgeons to make a large incision and manually hold several small bones in 4D simultaneously while trying to attach a surgical plate. Frequently, surgeons wish for an “extra set of hands”.

The dynaBunion® instruments act like an extra set of hands to drastically reduce the frustration of maintaining 4D alignment while performing a Lapidus procedure. This gives the surgeon the freedom to optimize the alignment and create a more accurate bunion correction.

The dynaBunion™ instruments act like an extra set of hands to drastically reduce the frustration of maintaining 4D alignment

Optimize Healing and Preserve Toe Length

With the OsteoPrecise™ cut guide, surgeons are able to remove a minimal amount of bone. This preserves good bone and potentially optimizes healing and maintains the length of the toe. If the big toe gets shortened due too much bone removal, it can alter the function of the foot and cause lifelong pain.

Activate the 4th Dimension

The 4th Dimension of the Lapidus procedure is compression. The dynaBunion® system delivers compression through our proprietary instrumentation and patented DynaForce® Staple Compression Plates™. This compression holds the bones together during and after surgery to  potentially accelerate fusion healing, which gives the patient the opportunity for a walking recovery and a faster return to activity. Click here for more information on our patented Staple Compression Plates™.

Activate the 4th Dimension
4D dynaBunion animation

One and Done Bunion Correction

Approximately 12% of Lapidus patients have their bunion reoccur because the toe “drifts” back into an unnatural position1. The dynaBunion® Anti-Drift Bolt™ provides 480% more resistance2 to drift forces which significantly reduces the likelihood of the bunion returning. Since recurrence usually means another surgery, it is a major source of frustration for patients and surgeons alike. The addition of the Anti-Drift Bolt™ helps minimize recurrence.

4D dynaBunion animation
Optimize Healing and Preserve Toe Length

1Rahnama et al 

2 Internal Biomechanical Testing  

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