Bunion Patients Have A Walking Recovery And An Invisible Incision With The MiniBunion 3D™ System

minibunion3d invisible incision

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – August 19, 2021 – (Newswire.com)

CrossRoads Extremity Systems is proud to announce the launch of its minimally-invasive (MIS) miniBunion 3D™ System with Viking™ Instrumentation for surgical bunion repair. This system enables surgeons to restore toe alignment in three dimensions through a small incision on the side of the foot that is virtually hidden from patient view. Additionally, MIS bunion surgery allows patients to have a walking recovery.

“Bunion surgery can now be performed with very little soft-tissue damage, which provides stability and permits immediate weight-bearing after surgery,” states Bradley Lamm, DPM, lead design surgeon for the miniBunion 3D™ System. “MIS techniques preserve blood supply to the bones and allow less pain, reduced swelling, a smaller scar and faster recovery than other surgical options.”

One of the most difficult aspects of MIS bunion surgery is visualizing and realigning the bones through the tiny incision. Viking™ instrumentation gives surgeons the ability to manipulate the bones from outside the incision to avoid additional soft tissue cutting.

“This instrumentation provides greater precision and control; resulting in a better surgical procedure,” says Alex Winber, VP of Marketing for CrossRoads. “Many bunion patients are busy moms who care for their families and do not have time to be off their feet. This instrumentation will assist surgeons in delivering the fastest recovery and best long-term result for these wonderful patients.”

“I have been performing the miniBunion 3D™ procedure for over a year. Compared to traditional bunion procedures, our patients have been returning more quickly to regular activities with less scarring and normal foot motion,” states Randy Leff, DPM. “The miniBunion® procedure has set our practice apart and patients are seeking us out for minimally-invasive surgery and a walking recovery.”

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About CrossRoads® Extremity Systems

CrossRoads was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN. It is the only foot and ankle company commercializing breakthrough technologies for faster healing. The company is driven to serve the foot and ankle community with new technologies that improve the operating room experience and patient outcomes through simplicity and accuracy for the surgeon, and sustainability and cost reduction for healthcare institutions. CrossRoads Staple Compression Plate™ (SCP) technology is the only bone plating system on the market today to simultaneously offer enhanced stability with continuous compression; optimizing conditions for bone healing in fusion procedures. The Company leverages this technology in a broad range of procedure-specific, sterile-packed implants and instrumentation systems cleared for both lower and upper extremity indications. The CrossRoads EcoSMART® Instrument Service provides customers with sterilized, reusable instruments for every surgical case; as well as post-surgery retrieval and reprocessing of those instruments. EcoSMART® reduces the inefficiencies of traditional non-sterile instrument trays and eliminates the waste associated with typical disposable instruments.

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