The Science of Savings

What is EcoSMART?

EcoSMART is CrossRoads Extremity Systems exclusive instrument recovery service. This service puts premium instruments and increased savings in the palm of your hands.

Number of U.S. Surgical Site
Infections (SSI’S) Annually


Direct Costs of SSI’S to U.S.
Hospitals Annually

Watch & Listen

Hear how EcoSMART® has helped change a surgeon’s practice


  • High quality stainless steel instruments.
  • Pre-assembled procedural kits.
  • Eliminates blue wrap.
  • Reduces medical waste and associated expenses.
  • Reduces facility costs; including sterilization, labor, supplies and more.
  • EcoPAK® Recovery Container for convenient instrument collection and return.
  • A more predictable and efficient operating room experience.

Guarantee Quality

Eliminate Sterilization and Handling

CrossRoads® completes a 100% quality assurance inspection on every EcoSMART® instrument. All sterile products are gamma irradiated at 25-50kGy. This sterilization process has been validated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10 –6. Additionally, bacterial endotoxin (pyrogen) testing is conducted on each product prior to commercial release. Only those instruments meeting our high-quality requirements are utilized in surgery.

Reduce Waste

Go Green

Instead of using disposable plastic instruments once and discarding them in the trash, CrossRoads® instruments are durable, high quality, reusable instruments recovered through our EcoSMART® service thereby helping your facility cut medical waste.

Provide Value

Save Time and Money

The EcoSMART® Service combines the sterility assurance of gamma processing with the smooth feel of premium, high value, instruments.

Sterile ready-to-use stainless steel instrument kits are provided for every surgery.

Your facility eliminates the hassle and expense of cleaning, storing, sterilizing, and maintaining reusable instrument trays. Back-to-back cases become easier. We return the savings to you in both time and money.


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