Inventor Dr. Brad Lamm Helps Over 100 Patients With Minimally-Invasive Bunion Surgery

MEMPHIS, TN / Over the last decade, minimally-invasive (MIS) foot surgery has been a hot topic among surgeons and patients due to the promise of faster patient recovery and less pain. Many patients are concerned about scheduling traditional foot surgery because they cannot afford to be off their feet. They feel a long recovery time is impossible due to family and work responsibilities.

In response to his patient concerns, Dr. Lamm and CrossRoads® Extremity Systems launched the miniBunion™ minimally-invasive bunion system that allows a walking recovery and requires very little downtime. Unlike more-invasive traditional techniques, the miniBunion procedure uses a small ½ inch incision and preserves the soft tissues surrounding the foot.


Before Surgery After Surgery

Dr. Lamm was the surgeon designer of the miniBunion™ minimally-invasive system and has utilized it to treat over 140 patients. “Bunion surgery can be performed with a revolutionary technique through a small incision which provides stability and allows an active immediate weight-bearing recovery. I have seen great success with the miniBunion™ surgery, and patients have had less pain than with the traditional bunion surgery,” said Dr. Lamm. His patients have been thrilled to have walking recoveries so they can continue to take care of their work and family responsibilities.

Foot surgeons across the country are now offering the miniBunion™ minimally-invasive bunion system to their patients. Discover more at or connect with CrossRoads Extremity System on Facebook and Instagram @minibunion.

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