CrossRoads Extremity Systems Labeling

You have reached CrossRoads Extremity Systems labeling website.  CrossRoads Extremity Systems are only available in the U.S.   This information is intended for healthcare professionals using CrossRoads Extremity Systems devices.   Select the applicable system.   Contact your CrossRoads Extremity Representative if you have questions.

LA0003 MotoCLIP™/HiMAX™ Implant System
(DynaFORCE® Staples)

LA0004 CrossTIE™ Intraosseous Fixation System

LA0012 CrossRoads Screw System

LA0013   Instructions for Cleaning, Sterilization, Inspection and Storage of CrossRoads® Screw System Non-Sterile Instruments

LA0034 MotoBAND® CP Implant System
(DynaFORCE® plates)

LA0088 STRoPP™ System 

LA0278 MiniBunionTM System

LA0406 KeeL-LocK™ Implant System

LA0706 CrossRoads Tray System

LA0651 SpeedButton IFU


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