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MINIBunion® is Minimally-Invasive!

The MINIBunion® is a minimally-invasive implant and procedure that spares the joint capsule and gives patients a walking recovery instead of being in a cast for several weeks.
MINIBunion Minimally-Invasive Magic!
The minimally-invasive Minibunion® procedure allows bunion repair through a tiny 15mm incision on the side of the foot. The incision spares the joint capsule and is basically not visible after it heals.

This results in faster rehabilitation than traditional bunion procedures which are more invasive.  Traditional bunion procedures involve cutting through the joint capsule which may increase swelling and slow rehabilitation. Additionally, these procedures remove the bunion by cutting the bone and simply sliding it to the side.

Many of these procedures fail because bunions are actually 3-dimensional deformities that require more than just sliding the bone over. The bones must be rotated and realigned.

The MINIBunion® is a minimally-invasive implant and procedure that spares the joint capsule and restores the joint to its original 3D position. This allows patients to have a walking recovery instead of being in a cast for several weeks.

MiniBunion Preserves the Joint Capsule

MiniBunion® Preserves the Joint Capsule

Traditional Bunion Procedure

Traditional Bunion Procedure

The MINIBunion® System

Walking Recovery

Although it depends on surgeon recommendations and patient factors, many patients walk immediately in a special postoperative shoe. The pain from recovery depends on the pain tolerance of the patient. However, surgeons who utilize the miniBunion® technique report their patients are in less pain than expected from traditional bunion surgery.

MINIBunion Walking Recovery

A Rapid Return to Real Life

for minimally invasive bunion surgery

Bunions can be painful and unsightly. One of the main reasons bunion-sufferers avoid surgery is concerns about how long they will be off their feet and unable to take care of themselves or their responsibilities.

This is why CrossRoads Extremity Systems developed the miniBunion® procedure; a cutting edge minimally-invasive bunion surgery technique to repair bunions. Unlike traditional procedures, the minimally-invasive technique requires a tiny incision 2 to 4-times smaller than a standard technique and requires much less trauma to the soft-tissues surrounding the toes. This minimally-invasive technique spares the blood supply to the bones and allows a smaller scar and faster rehabilitation.
The miniBunion® scar is not only small, it is in a location that is diffcult for anyone to see. Unlike most bunion procedures where the incision is on the top of the foot, the miniBunion® incision is on the inner side of the foot. This location results in a scar that is basically invisible during day-to-day activities.
MiniBunion Procedure Scarring

The MiniBunion® System is intended for fixation of osteotomies and corrective procedures of the hallux and associated disorders such as hallux valgus.   There are potential risks associated with the use of these devices, some of which include: allergic reaction to the implant material, fracture of the implant, soft-tissue complication (e.g., infection at the implant site, prolonged healing), and revision surgery. Refer to IFU for all contraindications, warnings, and risks.

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