Single Tunnel Repair of Plantar Plate

Product Features

The STRoPP™ Implant Kit with EcoSMART® Instruments contain the instrumentation needed and the pre-loaded Tunnel Button for achieving a single tunnel repair of the plantar plate. 


Comprehensive Kit

Unique comprehensive kit for repair of the Plantar Plate


Custom Needle

Custom needle accommodates the surgeon’s preferred suture


Single Tunnel

Features a Single Tunnel for passing suture with custom needle. All sutures are passed and the implant is loaded in one fluid motion


Implant Provided

PEEK implant provided for passing sutures


Minimizes Bone Weakness

Minimizes bone weakness by avoiding multiple drill holes



After use, we purchase the used instruments back from you, sterilize and recondition them to new instrument condition, and repackage them in new kits

Surgical Technique Animation

Surgical Technique Case Video


ISO Implant
Implant Length 8mm
Implant Diameter 3.0mm
Drill Diameter 2.8mm
Head Diameter 4.5mm
Non-Absorbable Suture Size 2-0(Preferred), 0 (Preferred), 1, 2
Preferred Brand (or Equivalent) BlueStitch


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