Our Staples Have Wings!
(It’s a really big deal)

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CrossRoads staples have market-leading compression* due to the metallurgy of the staple and its wings. The wings work in conjunction with the flush insertion instruments to fully insert the staple before activating the compression. This provides full, deep compression for faster and complete bone fusion.

What is Flush Insertion?

One of the distinct features of our staple instrumentation is the flush-insertion our staple inserters provide. Our staple inserters place the staple deeply into the pre-drilled holes in the bone. This allows the boreholes to fully engage the legs and prevent the legs from converging. (Bone staple compression decreases as staple legs converge.) Avoiding leg convergence allows strong compression along the entire length of the legs.

Problem with Traditional Staples

Traditional bone staples were designed to be quickly inserted across a joint fusion to provide continuous compression.
Unfortunately, the insertion devices of traditional staples cause the staple legs to be released too early; before the staple is fully-seated in the bone. This can result in a loss of compression, leading to inadequate fusions.

CrossRoads Staples vs. Competitors

Nitinol Expertise + Flush Insertion = Better Compression

Our Nitinol staple design gives market-leading compression. This, combined with our patented instrumentation prevents the loss of compression after the staple is inserted into the bone. This well-distributed compression aids in achieving fast fusion along the entire bone surface. 

Nitinol Staple Family

6 Unique Platforms.  Over 20 Implant Options

Comprehensive Nitinol System

Step Staple

Step Staple

Compression Fixation System

Offset Legs for Unique Pathologies Available in 5 Sizes

Aligned with All HiMax® Design Philosophies

Family of Step Staples
HiMax Plus

HiMax® Plus

Widebody Fixation System

Wide 5mm Bridge for Enhanced Torsional Stability

Low Profile Bridge Thickness of 1.3 – 1.6mm

Aligned with All HixMax® Design Philosophies

Family of HiMax Plus Staples
HiMax C Staple

HiMax® C

Compression Fixation System

Optimized Anatomic Curvature for Lower Prominence

Designed for Use with DynaForce® Lapidus SCPs or
Based On Surgeon Preference

Aligned with All HixMax® Design Philosophies

Family of HiMax C Staple
HiMax Staple


Compression Fixation System

Market Leading Compression

Optimized Bridge and Leg Geometry

Winged Design for Flush Insertion

Family of HiMax Staples
Motoclip Max

Motoclip Max

Compression Fixation System

Designed for Small Spaces and Frequently Used for Akin Procedures

Low Profile

Flush Insertion and Reattachable

Family of Motoclip Max

Keel-Lock™ Has Plate Stability
with Staple Simplicity

Keel-Lock Staple

Some small bones are hard to fuse due to anatomy and/or physiological stresses. Staples may not have enough stability in these applications. Plates may be difficult to apply and require large incisions.

The Keel-Lock™ implant provides stability similar to a plate and screws, but with the efficiency of a staple. This allows smaller incisions, a faster operative time, stability and continuous compression that may aid in faster fusion and recovery.

The MotoCLIP™/HiMAX™ Implant System is indicated for hand and foot bone fragment osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis. There are potential risks associated with the use of these devices, some of which include: allergic reaction to the implant material, fracture of the implant, soft-tissue complication (e.g., infection at the implant site, prolonged healing), and revision surgery. Refer to IFU for all contraindications, warnings, and risks.

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