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Our Approach

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to undergo surgery. In the real world, however, where injury, illness, and age take a toll on our bodies, surgery is often the only way to get people back on their feet and back to their lives. At CrossRoads Extremity Systems ®, our mission is to improve the experience by simplifying it.

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, we engineer next-generation foot and ankle implant systems. Using advanced technology and materials, like high compression nitinol, our products are optimal for surgery. Our specialized instrument recovery program, EcoSMART ®, reduces costs and waste.

Our Values


Complex problems need simple solutions

The most sophisticated tools are those which can be used effortlessly. That’s why every CrossRoads instrument is thoughtfully engineered to feel like an extension of a surgeon’s hand.


Improving outcomes improves lives

Long-term patient satisfaction is more important than our bottom line. That’s why CrossRoads creates instruments and implants we’re comfortable recommending to our family members.


Today’s choices shape tomorrow’s possibilities

Creating value for our customers is not a disposable endeavor. That’s why CrossRoads focuses on designing instruments to be sturdy, dependable, and reusable instead of contributing to medical waste.


Leading is more courageous than following

Innovation springs from curiosity, advancement from exploration. That’s why CrossRoads embraces new techniques, materials, and approaches to create the foot and ankle instruments of tomorrow, today.


CrossRoads Extremity Systems® (CRE) is committed to conducting its affairs in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and with the highest ethical standards. We established this Code of Conduct to ensure CRE meets our commitment to ethical and lawful conduct. This Code of Conduct applies to all employees, officers, and directors of CRE, as well as contractors, consultants and distributors who provide services on CRE’s behalf.

This Code of Conduct establishes policies and procedures intended to guide employees, officers, directors, contractors, consultants, and distributors in the performance of their duties and responsibilities and ensure compliance with CRE’s commitment to ethical and lawful conduct.

Advanced Medical Technology Association

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is dedicated to the advancement of medical science and the improvement of patient care.  In particular, AvaMed believes that high quality, cost-effective health care technology can make toward achieving those goals.  AdvaMed members recognize adherence to ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws are critical to the medical device industry’s ability to continue its collaboration with healthcare professionals. Members encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct related to their interactions with healthcare professionals.

Members also respect the obligation of healthcare professionals to make independent decisions regarding Member products. Consequently, AdvaMed adopted this voluntary Code of Ethics, effective January 1, 2004, and revised and restated with an effective date of July 1, 2009, to facilitate Members’ ethical interactions with those individuals or entities that purchase, lease, recommend, use, arrange for the purchase or lease of, or prescribe Members’ medical technology products in the United States.

Without reservation, CrossRoads Extremity Systems® strongly endorses both the letter and spirit of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.

California Declaration of Compliance Program

Declaration of Adoption of Comprehensive Compliance Program Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 119402 CrossRoads Extremity Systems®, LLC. (“CRE”) is in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling orthopedic medical devices. As a medical device manufacturer, CRE has developed a comprehensive compliance program that is specific to the nature of the business as a medical device manufacturer and consistent with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The purpose of our compliance program is to prevent and detect violations of law or company policy. Our compliance program is based upon the principles set forth in the Advanced Medical Technology Association Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (AdvaMed Code) and the Company’s Code of Business Conduct. The AdvaMed Code is substantially equivalent to 

the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (PhRMA Code) but reflects the unique interactions between medical technology companies and health care professionals. CRE Code of Business Conduct is our statement of ethical and compliance principles that guide our daily operations and articulates our fundamental principles, values, and framework for action within our organization. Additional compliance guidance is communicated through our Compliance Manual for the U.S. which applies to interactions with healthcare professionals to the extent that they provide services or medical technologies in the United States. This guidance establishes explicit limits on gifts, promotional material or items, or activities that CRE or its representatives may provide to an individual healthcare professional. CRE declares that to the best of its knowledge,  CRE complies with the provisions of California Health and Safety Code Section 119402 as of November 10, 2011.


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