First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Fusion with DynaForce® SCP Technology
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Product Features


DynaForce® Staple Compression Plate Technology™

DynaForce® SCPs offer a hybrid-implant construct that combines the performance benefits of plate fixation and staple technology. DynaForce® is the only system to provide active gap recovery, allow full bony apposition, and enhance placement speed.


Optimized Plate Designs Specifically for MTP

The DynaForce MTP plates are low profile and designed to match the anatomy of the patient. We offer multiple plate size and 0, 5, and 10 degrees of dorsiflexion.


Utilizes CrossRoad’s Comprehensive Nitinol Solutions™(CNS)

DynaForce® SCPs leverage our Comprehensive Nitinol Solutions™ (CNS) platform to provide robust compression and streamlined instrumentation.


DynaForce® Implant Systems come with sterile packed stainless steel instrumentation. Inserters are pre-loaded with implants for each surgery. Cup and Cone Reamers are available upon request. Reamers come paired in sterile packs and include a cup and cone for each size. The sizes range from 14mm – 24mm (2mm increments). Use of the reamers requires .062″/1.6mm k-wires.

MTP Product Specifications

MTP Short Plate
Clip Size 18mm
Slot Length 18mm
Overall Length 42.6mm
Thickness 1.5mm
Valgus Angle 5°
Dorsal Angle 0°, 5°, & 10°
Compression Slot No


MTP Long Plate
Clip Size 18mm
Slot Length 18mm
Overall Length 50mm
Thickness 1.5mm
Valgus Angle 5°
Dorsal Angle 0°  & 5°
Compression Slot Yes

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