For the correction of hammertoe deformity

Product Features

The CrossTIE® System is available in either PEEK or machined cortical allograft. Both styles feature a unique distal cross hole that allows the surgeon the option to “tie in” the implant thus aiding in reduction and compression of the joint surfaces.


Hydrated and Sterile Packed

CrossTIE® Allograft implants are provided sterile packed in saline so rehydrating at time of surgery is not required. The allograft implant utilizes the Universal Inserter, also provided sterile packed.


Distal Hole

Distal hole allows surgeons to suture through the implant and extensor tendon for added stability.


Minimizes Pistoning

Especially useful in revision cases, the CrossTIE® implant “tie in” feature minimizes pistoning of the implant due to enlargement of the intramedullary canal.



After use, we purchase the used instruments back from you, sterilize and recondition them to new instrument condition, and repackage them in new kits.

Surgical Technique Animation

Implant Specifications

2.5 Implants
Standard Size 2.5mm x 2.5mm
Angled Configuration 0o or 10o
Implant Material PEEK or Allograft*
3.0 Implants
Standard Size 3.0mm x 3.0mm
Angled Configuration 0o or 10o
Implant Material PEEK or Allograft

*2.5mm diameter Allograft implants only available in 0o angle configuration.


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