CrossRoads® Extremity Systems, LLC Announces Launch Of The DynaBunion™ 4D Minimal-Incision Lapidus System For Bunion Corrections

MEMPHIS, Tenn.,  — CrossRoads Extremity Systems® is proud to announce the launch of its 4-D minimally-invasive DynaBunion™ Lapidus System for surgical bunion repair. This system enables surgeons to restore normal foot anatomy by realigning and fusing the bones in four different dimensions through small incisions.

The original Lapidus procedure has been performed since the 1930s. It is a technically demanding operation that requires a surgeon to simultaneously hold small bones in three-dimensional alignment while inserting surgical hardware to maintain the positioning. Surgical assistants are frequently required to manage the procedure. “Our design surgeons mentioned the need for more hands during a Lapidus”, says Chad Hollis, CrossRoads VP of Research & Development, “Our challenge was designing simple instrumentation to solve this multi-dimensional problem. Additionally, we recognized that Lapidus is actually a four-dimensional procedure. Not only should the bones be aligned, but they must be compressed together to ensure a solid fusion.  Thankfully, we have a proven Staple Compression Plate™ technology that neatly addresses that fourth dimension.”

CrossRoads offers the proprietary DynaForce® Staple Compression Plates™ that provide continuous compression to facilitate bone fusion.

“One key to the success of the DynaBunion™ System was our acquisition of Surgical Frontiers in 2019,” says Vernon Hartdegen, CrossRoads CEO, “That patent portfolio, in combination with our staple compression plate technology and engineering competencies, has enabled us to deliver what we believe is a breakthrough for faster bunion healing.”

CrossRoads also provides the MINIbunion™ minimally-invasive bunion correction system that can deliver a walking recovery for patients with less severe bunions. “Surgeons can now offer bunion sufferers two minimally-invasive surgical options,” says Senior Product Manager Scott Renner, “To educate patients about these procedures, we host the website The website illustrates these complex surgical concepts to help patients understand the benefits of these procedures compared to traditional approaches.”


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About CrossRoads® Extremity Systems
CrossRoads was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN. CrossRoads is the only foot and ankle company commercializing breakthrough technologies for faster healing. CrossRoads is driven to serve the foot and ankle community with innovative technologies that improve the operating room experience and patient outcomes through simplicity and accuracy for the surgeon, and sustainability and cost reduction for healthcare institutions. CrossRoads' Staple Compression Plate (SCP) technology is the only technology on the market today to simultaneously offer enhanced stability with continuous compression, optimizing conditions for bone healing infusion procedures. The Company leverages this technology in a broad range of procedure-specific, sterile-packed implants and instrumentation systems cleared for both lower and upper extremity indications. The Company's EcoSMART® Instrument Service provides customers with gamma sterilized, reusable instruments for every surgical case, and post-surgery recovery and processing of those instruments. EcoSMART® reduces the inefficiencies of traditional non-sterile instrument trays and eliminates the waste associated with typical disposable instruments.
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