CrossRoads® Extremity Systems, LLC Announces Launch of the DynaFORCE Dynamic Compression Fixation System

The first integrated clip & plate fixation system to allow continuous adaptive compression 

MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CrossRoads® Extremity Systems LLC., a privately held medical device company offering innovative foot & ankle fixation implant systems, announced that it has recently launched the first hybrid fixation system, DynaFORCE™. It represents the pinnacle of plate and nitinol clip fixation, featuring optimized dynamic compression, top loading insertion, and intraoperative placement flexibility with its unique implant and delivery instrument design. 

DynaFORCE™ Dynamic Compression Fixation SystemTerrence Philbin, DO, from Columbus, OH, and Stuart Miller, MD, from Baltimore, MD were some of the first surgeons to use the new DynaFORCE system. Per Dr. Miller, “The plate and staple combination is brilliant. The exciting and innovative engineering of the implants and instruments has direct application to foot and ankle fixation.”

“The DynaFORCE system is very intuitive in the O.R.,” Dr. Philbin said. “The ability to use the dynamic compression staple in conjunction with a plate provides strong compression and stability. Another key benefit of nitinol fixation is the continuous compression you get after implantation. I look forward to utilizing DynaFORCE in multiple applications down the road.”

Designed to meet the needs of multiple applications in foot and ankle fixation, the DynaFORCE portfolio consists of a wide variety of plate and clip options that incorporate continuous adaptive compression.

Vernon Hartdegen, Co-Founder of CrossRoads, comments, “DynaFORCE represents our commitment to establishing a positive experience for foot and ankle surgeons and their patients. The early clinical results are exceptional, and the product adoption is rapidly accelerating. Early indications are that DynaFORCE will become the leading technology in foot and ankle fixation.”

DynaFORCE is currently wrapping up an alpha launch. Full US market availability is expected in August 2017.

About CrossRoads Extremity Systems

CrossRoads was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN. CrossRoads has experienced rapid growth through creative product development and a strong distributorship network. CrossRoads’ goal is to provide a steady rhythm of novel and clinically relevant new products that distinguish us from other companies.
In addition to providing novel products, CrossRoads strives to find ways to help hospitals save money and improve efficiency. CrossRoads believes that as customers experience the EcoSMART™ model of using high quality, surgical grade instruments in sterile kits, and then realize the savings from instrument rebates; our EcoSMART Service will become the preferred model of surgeons, O.R. staff, and materials management.